So what is your home worth?  This is a common question from about everyone!  So does Zillow have the right number – NO, does Trulia have the right number – NO, does the Auditor have the right number – NO.  If it were just a formula then the above mentioned sites would have the right number and they would all the be same – which is not usually the case.  So how do I know the value?

Doing a valuation or comps (comparable analysis) requires someone who sees homes, home transactions, buyers and sellers on a daily basis.  That is where we can help.  We can get an idea of the value of your home based on sales history, square footage, area, upgrades, amenities etc.  But to do a full comp of your home we will need to see your home.   This is more of an art than an exact science.  Knowing what is currently popular (colors, styles etc) and what buyers are currently buying.  Meaning someone can tell you what a new trend is, but we see buyers daily looking at homes and we can tell you what they are buying/responding to.

I know that is a long way to get to this, but it is important to understand.  We would be happy to do a Comparable market analysis for you.  Please just contact us, give us your address and schedule a time for us to see you home.  It also does not take long for us to go through your home to see what we need.  Call us today!