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2021 Housing Market Kicks Off With Fierce Competition—Making It A Great Time to Sell

Between low interest, fierce competition, and rising home prices, 2020 was a challenge for buyers, but offered serious advantages to sellers—and it looks like that dynamic is continuing into 2021. According to recent data from, the number of homes for sale in the US in January 2021 dropped below 600,000—a whopping 43 percent decrease from…

7 Scary Things Real Estate Agents Fear Hearing

When you’re in the business of helping people buy and sell homes — arguably the largest investment of their lives — it goes without saying that there’s a lot at stake. While real estate agents are typically unflappable pros who, in many cases, have experienced just about every scenario you can imagine, there are still…

May 2018 Was The Hottest Home Buying Season In History

Homes have been flying off the market across the country—oftentimes for above asking price—for quite some time now, with many real estate agents and experts saying it’s been unlike anything they’ve ever seen. Turns out, they were right. A recent article from confirms that May 2018 was the hottest home buying month in history….