From Listing to Closing We have you Covered!

  • Initial Steps – We will assist in completing all the necessary paperwork to get your home listed while discussing with you your options – home warranty, property disclosure, showing information, what is included and what your want to take etc.

  • Pricing – We will prepare a thorough Competitive Market Analysis which will look at homes that have recently sold, homes currently on the market and your home in comparison (size, amenities, location etc.) Together we will determine the best price for your home. You will set the price – We will provide the information and the recommendation. We believe in “right pricing” your home, so it will sell quickly and for top dollar. Over pricing a home will lead to longer time on the market and many times a lower overall sales price.

  • Staging Staged homes sell for more money and sell quicker. We have shown a home and that was not staged (buyer input was “it’s OK”) and then go about 4 doors down in the same neighborhood and show the same floor plan, but in a staged home and the buyer loved it and in fact bought the home! We have a professional staging expert come to your home and go through every room and generate a full home report on what needs to be done to best stage your home.  We will also pay for this!

  • Showings & Feedback – We will have our staff coordinate with you and other agents that want to show your home and record all these showings. We also follow up on these showing and share this feedback with you. This will allow us together to make the best decisions on your home.
  • Marketing – This is where over 90% of agents fail. Most agents put a sign in your yard and your property in the MLS and then wait. We use web based coverage, social media, multimedia presentations of your property, print marketing etc. We realize we have to spend money to advertise we are willing to make the investment to SELL your home, not just list it!  Contact us to see how we average 99.69% sales price for our listings and sell them in about 6 days!

  • Contract – We will walk you through the contract process and explain each area of the purchase contract and other steps (inspections, request to remedy, pre-approval letters, home warranty etc.) that take place once we receive an offer.

  • Coordinate – We will work with the lender, the title company, the buying agent, the inspectors and of course you to make sure all paperwork and steps are handled in the correct manner.
  • Communication – We will be in touch with you throughout the process. We also provide a web interface for you the client to track actions that have been taken to market your home, feedback from other agents, status and all relevant documents in the transaction. This is available to you 24 hours a day 7 days a week! Keeping your informed of where we are at in the process and what your responsibilities and options are at each step.

  • Closing – We will be at your closing to bring together all the work that has been addressed prior to the closing and to answer any questions that may arise.